Wellspring For The World Updated

Wellspring For The World’s website has made a remarkable recovery!  The site was coughing broken code all over the place.  The images weren’t displaying correctly, the wording on the right panel were running off the page, the contact information needed some rework and some reorganizing needed to be done.  What I’ve done to aid this site in making it user friendly includes:

  • Clickable flash images, now the images on the right panel are clickable.  I have no idea where all the images are that they’ve used.  It’s still a mystery.  I really wanted to add another image at the top right corner to get rid of wasted space, but unfortunately this “Joomla” is very touchy.  Every little thing I tried to change, changed the site drastically.  At first I thought fixing the right panel was going to be easy, add some line breaks to make it fit in the border.  Some how the buttons to subscribe and donate disappeared.  I got real worried because I had no idea how to get that back.  Luckily I had help with that problem and I fixed it right away.
  • Reorganized content and text, I moved the news displayed on the home page to the “news” button.  I moved the video to the front page and in its place I made a “Wellspring Pictures” button and displayed all their recent pictures.  It was a mystery figuring out how to display pictures; I had finally figured out what the “media manager” did, it held images.  The images I was in search for weren’t in this area although I figure out “upload” means to upload something onto the database.  I had uploaded the recent pictures provided by Wellspring For The World.  I reorganized the text by placing the contact information at the bottom of the page.  I had tried to increase the navigation text, but that was a failure.  I tried everything, no luck.  Some sites are easier to fix when the CSS is labeled efficiently.  I didn’t know what changed what, I saw a “font-size” in the CSS and increased every single one of them keeping in mind the original size.  I didn’t want to repeat the disappearance of donate, and subscribe buttons again.
  • Added Facebook “like” button and “follow” twitter buttons, in order to keep this site connected with the world.

Like I had mentioned this “Joomla” site is very touchy, one slight change could screw the whole thing up.  I had to step around mine fields on this one.  All in all I think the changes made to the site makes it more user-friendly.  “Follow” and “Like” Wellspring For The World!


Wellspring For The World Website

Day one:  What’s Joomla?  How in the world am I going to be able to fix a website, when I hardly know anything about Joomla?

Day two:  Researched how to use Joomla.  Oh YouTube, how you’ve helped me grow throughout the years.  I used YouTube  to learn more about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oXKbHXpYqE

Day three:  Experimented with Joomla, offline.

Day four:  Obtained Wellspring For The World access.  Applied the “touch and go” feel of Joomla.  I would change something and if it made it better it stuck and if it made it worse I would try and change it back.

Day five:  Tried to figure out how to move the right margin over.

Day six:  Tried to figure out how to move the right margin over..

Day seven:  Tried to figure out how to move the RIGHT MARGIN OVER…

Day eight:  Added Twitter button!  Success!


Day ten:  YES!  Solution to my problem.  Move the text over and change the background color!  Success!

Day eleven:  We shall see whats going to happen tomorrow.  So far the margin is fixed, and Twitter button is added.  Now we sit back, relax and have a mini celebration!