New Direction

Do you want to know what is sad?  I have been struggling with finding my writing style.  For years I’ve been trying to find my voice in words.  It’s not a journey I take pleasure in each time I’m writing.  I feel like every sentence I write is the wrong way to write.  The thought of failing, or letting someone down frightens me so much that I keep deleting.  I reach the point of exhaust and basically cross my fingers I get a decent grade.  I’ve never really been good with grammar and spelling things correctly.  In saying that, I have probably placed a big “X” on my forehead for dysfunctional.  My weaknesses outweigh my strengths in writing.

For my weaknesses:

  • Poor spelling
  • Poor grammar
  • Indecisive
  • Research

For my strengths:

  • Tactile
  • Poetry
  • Memoirs

You want to know what’s interesting.  I can read something that I barely understand and get barely anything from just reading.  I have to write key elements in order for material to stick (imagine the amount of paper I go through).  This new direction I speak of includes focusing more in on my strengths and working my way up.  Using poetry, tactile methods, memoirs and some visual placement.  I want to focus an painting a picture with words and using this fun style to make research elements less boring (no offense).  I’m sick and tired of being someone that has to worry about failing over years of bad writing.  (Note to self:  Your writing doesn’t connect well, work on making that connection!)