“Chapter 14” New New Media Possibility

I’ve been working on an additional chapter for the book New New Media by Paul Levinson.  Does this mean my chapter automatically gets put into the book?  Probably not, I created this chapter to focus on MMORPG’s and social media, solely because these, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games play a role in social media as well.  In-game communication, like IMing, chatting, group/guild chat.  Out-of-game interaction, including social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+and etc.  Meeting f2f via meeting in a MMORPG, hanging out with the game in mind.  MMORPG’s play a role read my chapter using google docs to find out more…


Chapter Preview

The style of this chapter goes along with Paul Levinson’s book New New Media.  I wanted to make a chapter belong to this book.  I analyzed each chapter, and in took note on the appearance.    This chapter will be discussing MMORPG’s and its influences on social media.  We all have a real self and, for those of us that play mmorpg’s or virtual games, a virtual self.  A person we create with reputation and an avatar we create with desire.  I have made on outline of what I will be discussing in this chapter using Google Docs.

Social interaction in MMORPGs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lets see what Wikipedia, has to say about social interaction and MMORPG!  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Wikipedia it!  I consider myself a search engine addict.  I’m used to googling everything.  now that I have Wikipedia, I can now Wikipedia some topics.  I thought I’d try treating Wikipedia like Google.  I searched for helpful information retaining MMORPG’s and Social media.  The link below, basically categorizes virtual behaviors, social interactions and relationships each take place in MMORPG’s.

Social interaction in MMORPGs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is helpful in some ways when its comes to writing research papers.  Some Wikipedia pages have links at the bottom in either the Reference or Bibliography section.  These links help verify the information on the page.  Just by typing in “Social interaction and MMORPG” I got a quick summary of multiple streams of information.  The sources at the bottom are like doorways to more information.  Very neat idea to include sources on a Wikipedia page!

MMORPG Thoughts

The thoughts that come to mind when thinking about MMORPG’s, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game’s, are thoughts about strategically picking/creating your own avatar.  Some games that I have had personal experience in include:

  • Runescape
  • Maple Story
  • Flyff
  • Eudemons
  • Diablo II

Runescape was the very first mmorpg I played back in my high school years.  I can still remember killing chickens, cows, chopping down trees, mining, fishing, cooking, questing and more.  I used to play this game constantly after school, it was my addiction.  It was something I could own up to, something that gave me virtual meaning.  I went online to fight the virtual monsters in hopes of someday fighting real monsters.  In a small way I thought Runescape taught me a lot.  I learned that copper and tin make bronze.  I learned how to buy/sell materials.  I learned how to trust people.  I gained friends from doing quests.

Maple Story, Flyff, Eudemons were free mmorpg’s I decided to play with my freshmen roommate.  These were basic short bursts of fun.  As soon as my roommate got as high a level as he could he would find another mmorpg and I would follow.  I took me until junior year to kick the habit of mmorpg’s.  My life had now been plopped.  All this time spent in front of screen, has dampered my chances of finding reality.  What I did instead of mmorpg’s was sit blindingly in front of a TV and just watch what ever was on.  That is also unhealthy, but what was I to do?  I was used to the fact of being in front of screen.  Luckily I had somehow made friends with someone active, my freshmen roommate came to knowing.  Dodgeball is one of my favorite get togethers with my friends.

Diablo II was the very first mmorpg I payed for and enjoyed playing a lot with actual friends.  It brought back old memories of virtual addiction and sadly has gotten me hooked once again.  Mentioning the game name has made me want to continue playing.  It was recently that I decided to take a break from playing the game.  I’m on day four and I haven’t even touched the game.

If only I could use this kind of experience on my application….that would be the day.