Take a Minute, Imagine

Imagine you are in a personal free/safe area, whether it be inside a building of any sort or outside at any time.  Relax and picture this “perfect” place.  Take a minute to create something with your mind.  As you take your minute, I’ll tell you what I imagine as a “perfect” place.

I can see myself being outside, on top of a hill yelling and screaming, just for the fun of it, as the wind nearly blows me over.  When the wind finally blows me over I fall graciously onto the grass, which is soft as nightly pillows.  As I lay there looking up, the sky mixes with night and day.  Stars grow brighter as the sun grows dimmer.  The sky stays multi-colored with various pinks, purples and blues.  In the distance you can hear piano playing a s the sunset.  This piano playing grows louder and louder soothing, relaxing…

Well anyways have you come up with a “perfect” place?  Ok good, now hold on and cherish this place as long as you can.  Keep thinking about everyday.  What this will do is provide a glimpse of happiness even on the worst of days.  The trick is to believe and to keep thinking about it everyday.  I share this because, we all need that something to separate us from ourselves.  Sometimes a piece of artwork may not turn out as you had planned while working up close, take a few steps back and see your progress it truly makes a difference.  I would be honored if you would share your “perfect” place, yet again I know it’s personal so it’s fine if you don’t.  I just want to help make you happy even if the portion is pea-sized.  Thanks and have a great day!

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Metamorphosis From Real to Virtual

To me metamorphism means to change into something or someone else.  Changing from being realistically shy, quiet, introverted and invisible to someone outspoken, courageous, involved and visible.  A person known online as being “the life of the party” may as well be the quietest one in class.  How, you may ask?

Some people are just more comfortable online then they are in reality.  Choosing their virtual selves over their real selves.  I’ve noticed I fall under this category.  In real life, I’m awesome and outgoing a little.  My virtual self, on the other hand, is even more awesome and way more outgoing.  I guess it’s kinda hard to describe myself without making it sound I’m full of myself.  I’m online right now aren’t I?  My virtual self has taken over and is doing its job selling my image….Again conceded I know.  I choose not to delete anything I’ve said so far, for the process of learning whats on my virtual mind.

Is my real self in control of my virtual self?  Or is it the other way around?  I can easily turn my virtual self off, but does that stop the thought process in reality?  If I were to consume my life with consent virtual interaction would I not be thinking, dreaming and hoping for more virtual interaction?  What unplugs us from our virtual selves?  Is it our friends, family, school?  All these questions anyone want to try and answer?

Taking Apart

Have you ever found yourself taking word apart?  Have you played with words in a sentence by ignoring the first and last letter of a word?  I have caught myself doing this more frequently lately.  For instance the words “Taking Apart” I take it apart by seeing it as “Ackin Par.”  This changes the meaning of the sentence completely, instead of leaving a definite meaning, taking something apart, we are left with a more open ended phrase.  To some it could be an ache to get par in golf.  Or Acting Par, a golfer acting like they got a par.  It could also be seen as a name Atkin Par.  I mean your probably wondering how would this work with a two letter word, like is?  I would say pick either or which sounds better?  I thinking taking apart words and sentences brings forth a different meaning.

“Today is a nice day.”  Lets take this apart.  “Oda s a ic a” sounds like a different language.  I got the phrase “Oh dang, sticker” out of that, how about  you?   There are other ways to taking a word or phrase apart, you could ignore the first two letters and last two letters I mean there are unlimited ways a person can take a word or phrase apart.  “Social Media including Facebook and Twitter benefits us all.”  “Ci d cludi cebo n itt nefi u l.”  “Steam goody example and its nifty, y’all.”  I know it’s a bit confusing to grasp, and I apologize if your head hurts. I’m just imagining different or even hidden sayings in sentences.

A lot of what we say comes from the meaning of another word or language.  Latin “anni, annu, enni” mean yearly.  So I understand the words annual and anniversary contemplating with yearly.  What if there are other hidden meanings?  What if we all started speaking a whole other language possibly forgotten?  Share your thoughts?

I hope I got my point across.

Blog about a Blog about a Blog

My brain is at a stand still.  Frozen with fear.  I wish you could hear.  The crackling shiver brain kill.  Eyes wide open.  Hands still type.  I stand hopin.  This one time I was ripe.  Ready to write.

Blogging about a blog, that blogs about another blog that blogs another blog and so on so forth, gets to be a bit confusing.  My brain is blocking my ability to write.  Personal conflict has taken it’s course with my head….It feels like a dragon is eating my brain.  Whenever I try and fight it I get severely burned.  What if I were to enhance myself into having armor?  Instead of thinking reverse thoughts  I will attempt to retrieve my soon obsolete brain.

Blogging takes up most of my brain when thinking of what to write.  In order for me to tackle this “dragon” I need to prepare myself and improve my knowledge about blogging, by reading others blogs, becoming inspired.  Sure I have my doubts about blogging, I’m new at this after all and hardly know what I’m doing half the time.  I am trying to strive and achieve change by learning from experimenting each day.  I’m more of a tactile, hands on, learner.  I try and juggle all these social media elements, hopefully I don’t drop the ball.  I’m trying really hard to stay up to date and not fall behind learning about blogging and social media elements.

I hope all of my analogies make sense.  If you need me to clarify anything I am more than willing to explain my thought process.  In a sense inviting you into my imagination.

Bouncy Collection

Bouncy Ball Collection
When I was a kid, I collected bouncy balls. To this day I still have that collection. I’m not really a crazy collector, in assuming I have millions and millions of bouncy balls, no I have a mini collection, a collection that can travel with me. Your probably wondering, why bouncy balls? Well each bouncy ball is different in it’s own special way. The color, the texture, the size, the imagery, and etc. Each one of these bouncy balls allow my imagination to roam free. I would pretend I have super bouncy ball powers. I would also see which ones bounced the highest and which ever one did was the ruler and king of bouncy balls. Some look like planets, one in particular kind looks like the sun. One also glows in the dark making it a ghostly bouncy ball. Oh how fun playing with my balls was back in the day. Does this bring back any memories of what you used to collect or still collect?

Apple Tree

A brisk red apple drips.  Smile at the lips.  One bite.  One site.  Seedless glory!  Oh what a story!  An apple tree drips many smiles.  Carving names on every skin.  Unseen for many miles.  Carving away as we spin.  Leaving nothing but the wind.

I wanted to test out some metaphoric poetry, I like to rhyme and painting a picture with words.  Their could be many means behind each phrase.  “A brisk red apple drips” could mean the apple is crying.  Probably because it has to get eaten, or it could be tears of joy “finally someone wants to eat me!”  This poem can be viewed differently in many different eyes.  If we were to compare online poetry and written poetry.  Online poetry grabs more viewers.  Written poetry seems more personal.  Online poetry doesn’t need sunlight to be viewed.  Written poetry needs some sort of light to be seen.  It’s like what Paul Levinson states in “Chapter 2” pg 55 in his book New New Media:

 “The world grows dark every night but never really silent, and our eyes close but not our ears.”

What ever happened to the old forms of communication? I can vaguely remember ever getting a letter in the mail from anyone. Has new new media spoiled us? What ever happened to the love notes, poems, letters? Has all that changed, is texting the new form of asking someone out? I personally think it’s slowly being diminished. What do you think?

Neck Punch!

NECK PUNCH!……..Necessary!

Person 1- “What’s that on your neck?  Is that a hickey!?!”

Person 2- “NOoo….I got neck punched”

Person 1- “Neck punched?”

Person 2- “Yeah getting punched in the neck.”

Person 1- “How did that happen?”

Person 2- “I asked someone to punch me in the neck!”

Person 1- “Why?  That sounds stupid!”

Person 2- “Ha we’ll see who’s stupid when giraffes take over the world!”

Person 1- “Giraffes!?! Haha”

Person 2- “JOIN ME!  NECK PUNCH!…..Necessary!”