An Artist After All

I will be performing for the first time in a gallery with 5 other artists.  Come watch as I try and overcome my fear and struggles from my past.  One great fear is judging eyes, so the more people judging me with those eyes the better!  A great way to overcome a fear is to face it, is it not?


Modified Performance (Public1)

I’ve been preparing myself to perform in front of people for my Baccalaureate Show April 4th at the Memorial Union Gallery.  I’m so excited!  I brought my performance to the public, experimenting with dances, gestures and movements.  I did this performance during my painting IV class.  I had a few honks, the glasses I wore made it difficult to see.  It was good and bad.  The good, I didn’t have to see judging eyes.  The bad, I could hardly see where I was walking.  Many of my movements came from my subconscious.  When I did these movements I had no clue how people would perceive them.  One of these images looks like a swastika, not intentional of course.  It could also be seen as a way a person could sleep.  Thank you Anna Krieg for taking these photos!

Different Self

This piece is my different self.  I don’t walk around like this all the time.  This is one of many of my performance avatars.  Each real avatar is created by using a past experience.  To illustrate the experience, metaphoric meaning using poem/rap/lyric adds a sense of mystery.  I don’t want to blatantly tell you my past experience, I want to make the viewer think.

What do you think this piece is about?  Do you believe we make reality avatars?  We dress ourselves up to meet the part…Tennis shoes, shorts and a shirt- Exercise Avatar?…..Nice shirt, nice pants, nice shoes and etc.- Perceptive Avatar?  Do we dress ourselves up in hopes of social interaction?  Social interaction, whether it be in reality or virtuality, is a need we humans seek.  Changing your appearance in reality to something different and unexpected from your peers gains the eye of curiosity.  Do we not look when we hear a loud noise near by?  Do we not look at the odd man out, the person that doesn’t blend in with the rest?

Waddle Pants

Waddle Pants

An experience worth trying.  Lets go back one day, and lets stop time at around 1:30pm.  In case your days are off, like mine are most of the time, I’m talking about Thursday January 12th.

The experience I wish to share is walking around campus in waddle pants.  Waddle pants are pants with plastic buckets inside, not really allowing you to bend your knees, making you waddle.  The reason for me doing this courageous and risky walk around campus, or at least to the bus stop, was because I was to bring a piece from last semester to painting class.  My painting class takes place downtown at Renaissance Hall.  The bus was taking its sweet time to arrive.  As I was standing there waiting for the bus, I couldn’t help but realize all the people shooting a quick glance.  I could imagine what they were all thinking.  “OOoo something different.”  “This kid is weird.”  “Oh no stay clear of this kid, he’s trouble.”  If someone were to think that I was trouble would I really be wearing pants that make me waddle?  I mean I guess I could try and cause some trouble, I’m afraid all that will do is get people to laugh.  Running in waddle would be very funny, but not on ice sidewalks.  Isn’t something funny if it doesn’t happen to you?  I want to bring that out, I want the embarrassing tasks to help others feel at ease.