Artist Book

Check out my artist book, “Acknowledge Me” its full of many pictures; pictures from my Baccalaureate Show.  These pictures hopefully tell a story.  For after I graduate I will one day become an illustrator.   I’ve always found stories to be interesting even when they have pictures to accompany.  That’s one of my favorite parts in some books.  Foreshadowing what the author had intended the story to look like, giving the reader a glimpse/ resting point for their imagination.  If anything I thought of creating a book that grows as the viewer grows.  Starting the book off with simplicity in mind so a 5 year old could read it then progressing with complexity as the child grows and the book grows.  This book could have episodic stories beginning, middle and end.  Beginning the child starts off reading, “The bus picks Froogle up from the store.”  Middle, “Froogle then begins to wonder how he got to such a land.”  End, “Nausea struck Froogle as he squandered throughout with antiquity.”  This idea may be a good one and may also be a bad one.  I’ll let you decipher the outcome of creating such a book.


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