Take a Minute, Imagine

Imagine you are in a personal free/safe area, whether it be inside a building of any sort or outside at any time.  Relax and picture this “perfect” place.  Take a minute to create something with your mind.  As you take your minute, I’ll tell you what I imagine as a “perfect” place.

I can see myself being outside, on top of a hill yelling and screaming, just for the fun of it, as the wind nearly blows me over.  When the wind finally blows me over I fall graciously onto the grass, which is soft as nightly pillows.  As I lay there looking up, the sky mixes with night and day.  Stars grow brighter as the sun grows dimmer.  The sky stays multi-colored with various pinks, purples and blues.  In the distance you can hear piano playing a s the sunset.  This piano playing grows louder and louder soothing, relaxing…

Well anyways have you come up with a “perfect” place?  Ok good, now hold on and cherish this place as long as you can.  Keep thinking about everyday.  What this will do is provide a glimpse of happiness even on the worst of days.  The trick is to believe and to keep thinking about it everyday.  I share this because, we all need that something to separate us from ourselves.  Sometimes a piece of artwork may not turn out as you had planned while working up close, take a few steps back and see your progress it truly makes a difference.  I would be honored if you would share your “perfect” place, yet again I know it’s personal so it’s fine if you don’t.  I just want to help make you happy even if the portion is pea-sized.  Thanks and have a great day!

P.S. Completely off topic, learn about Wellspring For The World.  Help save some lives, share the fresh water we drink, with people in need around the world.


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