Wellspring For The World Website

Day one:  What’s Joomla?  How in the world am I going to be able to fix a website, when I hardly know anything about Joomla?

Day two:  Researched how to use Joomla.  Oh YouTube, how you’ve helped me grow throughout the years.  I used YouTube  to learn more about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oXKbHXpYqE

Day three:  Experimented with Joomla, offline.

Day four:  Obtained Wellspring For The World access.  Applied the “touch and go” feel of Joomla.  I would change something and if it made it better it stuck and if it made it worse I would try and change it back.

Day five:  Tried to figure out how to move the right margin over.

Day six:  Tried to figure out how to move the right margin over..

Day seven:  Tried to figure out how to move the RIGHT MARGIN OVER…

Day eight:  Added Twitter button!  Success!


Day ten:  YES!  Solution to my problem.  Move the text over and change the background color!  Success!

Day eleven:  We shall see whats going to happen tomorrow.  So far the margin is fixed, and Twitter button is added.  Now we sit back, relax and have a mini celebration!


4 responses to “Wellspring For The World Website

  1. I was trying to get on the site earlier this morning and it was down. Then I came back, it was up, and it looked better! Not huge changes, but definitely better. And I followed Wellspring on Twitter.
    Can you enlarge the top navigation bar text? Very small, easy to ignore.

    • Ah yeah I think I can do that. It’s very touchey, not to mention I have no idea where the images are on that site…its like a treasure hunt.

  2. Much better! Any chance that they’d let you clean up the sidebar? For example: http://goo.gl/T9jjh At the very least, getting rid of the credit cards under the buttons would eliminate some clutter and having consistent labels would help people understand the difference between donating and subscribing. – K

  3. I am so glad you figured out those margins…looks way better. Peggy also mention trying to spread out the “board memembers” names on the page. Have you tried anything with that yet?

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