Modified Performance (Public1)

I’ve been preparing myself to perform in front of people for my Baccalaureate Show April 4th at the Memorial Union Gallery.  I’m so excited!  I brought my performance to the public, experimenting with dances, gestures and movements.  I did this performance during my painting IV class.  I had a few honks, the glasses I wore made it difficult to see.  It was good and bad.  The good, I didn’t have to see judging eyes.  The bad, I could hardly see where I was walking.  Many of my movements came from my subconscious.  When I did these movements I had no clue how people would perceive them.  One of these images looks like a swastika, not intentional of course.  It could also be seen as a way a person could sleep.  Thank you Anna Krieg for taking these photos!

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