Myspace Reactivated

Today I have reactivated my Myspace account.  Wow how the site has changed.  It seems more modern and it has a Facebook/Google + quality to it.  Facebook to me is having a face, pictures and friends.  Google+ has similar streaming “what’s happening?”  The reasoning for reactivating Myspace is because I want to indulge myself in a little bit more social media.  The more social media I surround myself with the better understanding I can have.  What is social media and how can it benefit me?  Social media to me is “connection.”  I benefit from using social media by branching out to the virtual world, full of people.  Anyways, I don’t know if this will work.  I’m leaving a link to my Myspace page.

Let me remind you that I just reactivated so not much has been done to it yet.  I plan on working on it a bit later on this week.

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