Social interaction in MMORPGs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lets see what Wikipedia, has to say about social interaction and MMORPG!  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Wikipedia it!  I consider myself a search engine addict.  I’m used to googling everything.  now that I have Wikipedia, I can now Wikipedia some topics.  I thought I’d try treating Wikipedia like Google.  I searched for helpful information retaining MMORPG’s and Social media.  The link below, basically categorizes virtual behaviors, social interactions and relationships each take place in MMORPG’s.

Social interaction in MMORPGs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is helpful in some ways when its comes to writing research papers.  Some Wikipedia pages have links at the bottom in either the Reference or Bibliography section.  These links help verify the information on the page.  Just by typing in “Social interaction and MMORPG” I got a quick summary of multiple streams of information.  The sources at the bottom are like doorways to more information.  Very neat idea to include sources on a Wikipedia page!

One response to “Social interaction in MMORPGs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1. Oscar, do you think social interaction in MMORPGs will be the essay, or should it be a part of a piece about MMORPGs. Levinson gives us the SL chapter, but other than the cost of WoW, it could fit somewhat effectively into the NNM category. And really, the essay does not need to fit perfectly in NNM; WoW seems like social media with a price tag. Topics could include:
    complete immersion–how does WoW achieve it?
    in-world social media: what do players really say to each other?
    the discussion boards (and other sites?)
    the economy: how does it work.
    WoW should be ripe for a tetrad and a procedural rhetoric analysis.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say focus isn’t your strong suit, so if I can help with that part, let me know. : )

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