Alternate Persona

Hello my name is Oscar.  Nice to meet you!  An alternate persona has emerged.  I have taken some measures to create a persona, almost as if I were making an avatar on Second Life, or any other virtual game.  The difference between creating an avatar and creating a persona is the real factor.  Avatars are made virtually not in reality like personas.  We see actors, actresses and some comedies change their persona to get their point across, to sell the story being told.

My alternate persona’s name is Rasweld.  Howdy everyone, gee gholly sure is nice to meet everyone.  Shucks I wish I wasn’t stuck in such a puny body.  I’m a strong hearted man, enjoying the thrill in fighting life.  I take life by the horns and tame the struggles in my life to come.  This Oscar kid, kinda sucks he doesn’t know anything about anything.   His brain is empty folks.  No seriously, I moved into Oscar’s brain with ease.  Talk about echo in hear…Sweet doggy,  I sound like a cowboy.  What is wrong with this guy?  I guess it’s better than a girl voice, haha *spits into canister.* Then we’d all be in trouble.  That would be a cry for therapeutic help.  Dang flabbit, I spilt my drink all over the place!  I shoot the cup for tipping over!  *Takes out finger guns.*  Are you pulling my chain son?  Seriously no real weapons!  Shoot how am I supposed to punish the cup for falling!?! AH I can’t take this anymore!  *Puts finger gun to his head.*  BANG!

Whoah what a mistake that was.  Rasweld kept dissing me, what is up with that?  Delete!  What their is no “delete option!”  How do I get rid of this pestilent persona?  Is it stuck with me until I forget?  So making a real world avatar is completely different then making one via virtual world.  If you don’t like something you can’t delete and start over.  When making an alternate persona its kinda hard to delete and forget.  It kinda gets engraved a little into part of your consciousness, I would think.  Their is reasoning behind the words my alternate persona mentions.  A small part of myself doesn’t think I’m good enough, smart enough, strong enough.  When I created this persona, all those small quiet voices became loud and big.

I have tested this theory of being someone other than myself for years actually.  That is partly the reason why I wanted to do MMORPGs and social media for my essay topic.  I have created the following personas in the last two years:

  • Franshwa –  French persona, only able to speak small amounts of French “bonjour!”
  • Rasweld-      Cowboy persona, speaks up for the small voices in back of head.
  • Remmy-       Dark persona, screams and cries just to cry.
  • Oscar-            Twin persona, complete opposite of normal Oscar.

The list may continue on down the road who knows.  Rest assured I am in control of each persona, well at least I think I am haha it’s hard to tell if I’m an alternate persona right now.  Am I the persona that completes school work and is goody goody?  Endless persona’s present themselves everyday in everyone, will you observe yourself enough to notice them?  It’s obvious when you encounter with other people.  You act different with friends and you act different with family members.  Do you act the same with both family members and friends?

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