Second Life Lizard Experiment

Thursday I was the lone wolf, the only person dressed as a lizard/dragon.  It was still fun I got to talk with Michaela Silvers, and also was spoken to by “Christina” and expert it seemed like from Sexy Nude Beach.  I learned that Second Life is used for more than just goofing around.  It can be used for business, communication, schooling, romance, shopping and more.  A little after roaming Sexy Beach, I realized the rules kept popping up.  Were the rules intended for me?  i though to myself, for a while I thought they were.  Then after really looking I realized the rules popped up for everyone that came to Sexy Beach.  It was fun braking the rules.  I didn’t get banned or reported.

Friday was a little better, one other person dressed as a lizard/dragon and participated in the rant.  This was a fun we walked around, trying mingling and out of nowhere I say My dragon penis is huge!  I was a little embarrassed to break real life character.  I mean I would never say that in real life, I’d be asking for it if I did.  I was expecting a simple “lol” from other second life users.  And it turns out a monkey says “My monkey penis is way bigger than your penis.”  Oh great did I just get myself into a penis fight?  I thought to myself.   I continued on disgracing his monkey penis by saying My dragon penis is so big it stomps your monkey penis.  I think you get the just of it.  Anyways it’s fun to point out the obvious.  The reason it’s called Sexy Nude Beach, probably implies comfortably in being virtually nude.

I’m sure the experiment would have been even more uber awesome if the whole class invaded, but that’s fine.  I had a blast and thank you Fluffwuffer for partaking in the experience.

10 responses to “Second Life Lizard Experiment

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  2. I didn’t mind joining in! I was still pretty noobish about Second Life though. It’s definitely not my cup of tea. Also, the extreme nakedness of Sexy Beach was kind of a shocker to me at first, too, especially because it was mostly MEN we saw naked instead of women. I would have assumed it would be the other way around. Guess not!

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