Second Life Glitches

Oh look there’s a wall, I’m going to walk towards it and see if I can……Oh no I fell through the terrain.  Unexpected glitches sometimes.  Who knew such a great virtual world would have glitches?  Could it be the age of such virtual world?  I mean it was launched on June 23, 2003.  Or could it be my computer?  It very well may be my computer causing such glitches.  Besides the falling through the terrain a few times and walking through walls almost getting stuck.  I manage to find some solid ground.  It is there I am able to sit and enjoy how I look and also enjoy scenery through first person viewing.

Some fun things to try on Second Life:

  1. Fly your hearts out!
  2. Sling shot self and see if you land like a cat.
  3. Fall with fashion. (flying really high, stop flying)
  4. Sit on moving terrain. (I sat on this rotating sphere and I kept going round and round)
  5. Change appearance to be repulsive.
  6. Start a gang.
  7. Start a gang of Lizard people!
  8. Tell someone “I’m trying to eat you.”(funny responses)
  9. Make an anti-avatar of your self.

I’m still learning some more fun things to try on Second Life.  I like being a super hero, so if the game glitches me into flying right through a wall I would be thrilled, in fact if I were glitched into being able to fly through different destinations that would be the best glitch ever!  The glitches I find to be annoying include the delay of play time (slowness),  falling through a terrain and getting stuck (forcing you to exit game) and my favorite annoying glitch is getting kicked off the game for no apparent reason…that one sucks the mother load.

I hope my random good and bad thoughts about Second Life change your thoughts in some way.  I hope you try some fun things off my list!

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