Experiencing a Second Life

Second Life will be a great experience.  It doesn’t seem at all professional like the other social medias, yet.  Compared to Facebook and Google+ which display video’s of movement and pictures of having fun, Second Life has movement, chat, flying, walking, running, dancing, gestures, virtual terrains and so on.

5 responses to “Experiencing a Second Life

  1. Second Life gives us the opportunity to be anyone we want to be…so I find it kinda depressing that most people chose to be a Ambercrombie & Fitch model. Fuck that shit. I chose a lizard man.

    Don’t go to Sexy Beach as a scaly, lizard man, by the way. They have strong prejudices against people that don’t look like porn stars.

  2. Interesting idea: Second Life Riot of Lizard People on Sexy Beach. See if you can use your social media tools to create the event, then be sure to screen capture it.

    On a completely different note, Oscar, you might want to check out some Art destinations in SL. http://secondlife.com/destinations/arts
    Or not: scaly lizard on Sexy Beach does seem more interesting.

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