Social Media Dreams

I know dreams are probably too personal to be shared.  It would be an invasion of privacy.  What is the line we draw when sharing something?  Isn’t Facebook a form of invasion of privacy in some cases?  What are your thoughts on dreams?  Do they have a place in social media, now or in the future?

5 responses to “Social Media Dreams

  1. Nice reference to Inception; this idea of dreams and social media, dreams and virtual worlds, even dreams and film (YouTube isn’t quite film, but let’s go with it), aren’t entirely new. Here’s a little blurb from William Gibson, who envisioned cyberspace as something like a dream space.

    As for making it an essay topic , that would be very ambitious. Flip the equation around, and write a paper about privacy that eventually gets to the possibility of dreams shared via social media. Would that be too far? What would be wrong with a dream “broadcast” to YouTube, which generates a Tweet, a status update, a Google+ update, etc..

    I dream about anxieties; to share those on social media would be a radical invasion of privacy, but it might be good for me. We might be a more fully open and accepting society if we all shared our anxieties instead of pretending we don’t have any.

  2. PS. MMORPGs and dreams work well together too. Talk about entering a dream / fantasy world, and the media has always been a kind of dream, fantasy world.

  3. The Jennifer Lopez movie is THE CELL. She enters the dreams of a serial killer and learns about his traumas as a child, his disturbing fantasies, and blood lusts.

    Your chapter topic sounds very intriguing.

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