Metamorphosis From Real to Virtual

To me metamorphism means to change into something or someone else.  Changing from being realistically shy, quiet, introverted and invisible to someone outspoken, courageous, involved and visible.  A person known online as being “the life of the party” may as well be the quietest one in class.  How, you may ask?

Some people are just more comfortable online then they are in reality.  Choosing their virtual selves over their real selves.  I’ve noticed I fall under this category.  In real life, I’m awesome and outgoing a little.  My virtual self, on the other hand, is even more awesome and way more outgoing.  I guess it’s kinda hard to describe myself without making it sound I’m full of myself.  I’m online right now aren’t I?  My virtual self has taken over and is doing its job selling my image….Again conceded I know.  I choose not to delete anything I’ve said so far, for the process of learning whats on my virtual mind.

Is my real self in control of my virtual self?  Or is it the other way around?  I can easily turn my virtual self off, but does that stop the thought process in reality?  If I were to consume my life with consent virtual interaction would I not be thinking, dreaming and hoping for more virtual interaction?  What unplugs us from our virtual selves?  Is it our friends, family, school?  All these questions anyone want to try and answer?

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