Online Just Because…

I’m online just because….I have the ability to be online, I have ideas people want to hear, I’m really popular, I have nothing better to do with my time, I want to learn about random events, I want to see the videos people are talking about, I want to see how my friends are doing, online games are better than real games, it’s comforting to listen to music.

What is your reasoning for being online?  Are you online more than you think are?  One minute you look at the clock and it states 8:00am and the next minute the clock somehow states 10:00am.  Why does being online distract us from living our lives?  It almost seems like our virtual existence is more prominent than our real existence.  Am I being controlled by my computer or am I still in control of it?  Do I have the ability to walk away from a 12 hour online streak?  I need to use my time wisely.  If I’m going to be online for 12 hours it should be relevant to improving my real existence.  I don’t want to be taken over by my virtual self.  I don’t want to be a robot anymore.  I vow to change my online ways.  I will reduce my 12 hour online streak.  I will not become a cyberstalker.  I will not cyberbully.  I will not scam, spam or trap.  I will stay on the “light-side of new new media.”  I will try and fight against the “dark-side of new new media.”

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