Google+ Fascination

I have had experience with Google+ for quite some time now.  I enjoy using the “hangout” feature talking with friends.  The great thing about using the “hangout” feature is that it enables you to share.  Google+ has two hangout options, you can hangout using the simplified version or “hangout with extras” option.  Hangout with extras is a preview to new features like, sharing screen, sharing notes and even sharing a sketchpad.  It can be found after clicking “start a hangout” skim down where it says “try Hangouts with extras to preview new features.”  Sharing screen, shares your screen with people in your hangout.  Sharing notes, shares writing capabilities allowing two people to type up a paper.  Sharing sketchpad, shares the ability to draw diagrams, or even play Pictionary with friends.

Google+ to me seems to be a combination between Facebook and Skype.  Facebook has a profile, photos and posts to share with “friends.”  Skype has the visual capability to communicate with one person at a time.  Google+ allows you to name your circle and you can add friends, family, classmates, EC457, you could really make the circle anything you find relevant to the people your adding.  Also Google+ allows you to communicate visually with more than one person at a time.  I actually think I’ve been in a hangout with up to seven people in it before it decided to cancel out the hangout.  I would recommend using Google+ more often, its great to use especially when its freezing outside.  I’m no pro, when it come to using Google+ , but I have played around with it enough times I know the basics.  Starting a hangout is the most common thing I do, almost daily.

4 responses to “Google+ Fascination

    • Yeah Google+ is awesome. I remember going straight to the “games” tab and playing Angry Birds for the first time. That was the very first thing I did. I didn’t jump right into hanging out, I didn’t even barely chat. It took some convincing to start hangouts. I’m glad I was convinced. I’m glad your excited, Google+ can be very beneficial.

    • Yeah Google+ shows you who’ve you hung out with, but you can limit who can see that. You can limit it to a certain group in a circle. You can even limit it, to just one person by typing in this person’s name instead of the circle.

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