Taking Apart

Have you ever found yourself taking word apart?  Have you played with words in a sentence by ignoring the first and last letter of a word?  I have caught myself doing this more frequently lately.  For instance the words “Taking Apart” I take it apart by seeing it as “Ackin Par.”  This changes the meaning of the sentence completely, instead of leaving a definite meaning, taking something apart, we are left with a more open ended phrase.  To some it could be an ache to get par in golf.  Or Acting Par, a golfer acting like they got a par.  It could also be seen as a name Atkin Par.  I mean your probably wondering how would this work with a two letter word, like is?  I would say pick either or which sounds better?  I thinking taking apart words and sentences brings forth a different meaning.

“Today is a nice day.”  Lets take this apart.  “Oda s a ic a” sounds like a different language.  I got the phrase “Oh dang, sticker” out of that, how about  you?   There are other ways to taking a word or phrase apart, you could ignore the first two letters and last two letters I mean there are unlimited ways a person can take a word or phrase apart.  “Social Media including Facebook and Twitter benefits us all.”  “Ci d cludi cebo n itt nefi u l.”  “Steam goody example and its nifty, y’all.”  I know it’s a bit confusing to grasp, and I apologize if your head hurts. I’m just imagining different or even hidden sayings in sentences.

A lot of what we say comes from the meaning of another word or language.  Latin “anni, annu, enni” mean yearly.  So I understand the words annual and anniversary contemplating with yearly.  What if there are other hidden meanings?  What if we all started speaking a whole other language possibly forgotten?  Share your thoughts?

I hope I got my point across.

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