The thought of Twitter’s logo of a bird gets me thinking of a younger age when I was getting taught animal sounds.  I believe, if I remember correctly, the bird makes a “tweet, tweet” sound.  I think the bird logo for Twitter suits it just right.

On another note, I have found Twitter to be useful for some and pointless for others.  Not all people think alike, in order to get everyone to like one thing we would have to be programmed like robots, luckily that’s not the case.  Twitter for me, an artist, can be quite helpful.  Instead of traveling around getting people’s reactions for my art, I can just link it using Twitter.  I mean sure I could also link it to Facebook, my blog and any other social media, but in true essence I’m trying to get as many viewers as possible.  Twitter has millions of followers, and some out of those millions, I’m sure, don’t have Facebook accounts they go on as often.  It seems to me Twitter is like a pool of conversations, ideas, thoughts and news.  A new Twitter user now has the opportunity to dive in.  So Twitter can be useful to some and pointless to others.

Some pointless aspects of Twitter include people posting what they are doing, like “eating a pizza.”  I don’t know if anyone really cares, and yet again I don’t know the whole story behind someone else’s tweet.  Eating a pizza may be an invitation to some followers or friends, like a cool friendship code.  “Brushing my teeth” could be code for something else like “kiss me!”  Haha that’s a cool way of thinking!

4 responses to “Twittle-Dee-Tweet

  1. I wonder what your opinion is, as an artist, on whether social media perhaps changes the way people create and think about art….. Kind of an open-ended idea. But it seems like there might be unintentional adaptations of art styles in order to appeal to a “Twitterverse.” Maybe that’s art’s task, though—to adapt to the needs of the viewers…or “tweeters.”

    • I think social media does change the way people create and advertise art. For me I create art that appeals to human interact and response. I create art to get a reaction out of it. Whether good or bad, I’m aiming to get my name out there. Twitter, Facebook, blogging and any other social media helps me do that. Instead of just locally, social media allows more of a national response to my art.

  2. Who would have thought ten years ago that artists would be advertising and asking for input on their work from Twitter. I personally am not a fan of Twitter and have always found it useless. But seeing it being used so usefully in your aspect rather than for pointless posts I am more open to it.

  3. The tradition of artist as explorer leads some artists to see what they can do with a medium or material. In the case of Twitter, the obvious (perhaps) challenge is to write a short story or novel in 140 character increments. Or create poetry, or figure out some other way to make art from the new medium / material. Even some philosophers do this, right Dom? Philosophy changes with mediums, and some philosophers use the medium or material as their starting point.

    Or, as Oxgar is doing, use the medium to promote other kinds of art.

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