Blog about a Blog about a Blog

My brain is at a stand still.  Frozen with fear.  I wish you could hear.  The crackling shiver brain kill.  Eyes wide open.  Hands still type.  I stand hopin.  This one time I was ripe.  Ready to write.

Blogging about a blog, that blogs about another blog that blogs another blog and so on so forth, gets to be a bit confusing.  My brain is blocking my ability to write.  Personal conflict has taken it’s course with my head….It feels like a dragon is eating my brain.  Whenever I try and fight it I get severely burned.  What if I were to enhance myself into having armor?  Instead of thinking reverse thoughts  I will attempt to retrieve my soon obsolete brain.

Blogging takes up most of my brain when thinking of what to write.  In order for me to tackle this “dragon” I need to prepare myself and improve my knowledge about blogging, by reading others blogs, becoming inspired.  Sure I have my doubts about blogging, I’m new at this after all and hardly know what I’m doing half the time.  I am trying to strive and achieve change by learning from experimenting each day.  I’m more of a tactile, hands on, learner.  I try and juggle all these social media elements, hopefully I don’t drop the ball.  I’m trying really hard to stay up to date and not fall behind learning about blogging and social media elements.

I hope all of my analogies make sense.  If you need me to clarify anything I am more than willing to explain my thought process.  In a sense inviting you into my imagination.

2 responses to “Blog about a Blog about a Blog

    • I liked Runescape too, I am fawned of the memories I had. I had like three characters. Yes that means I had to take care three different emails. I had an addiction that wasn’t healthy.

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