Bouncy Collection

Bouncy Ball Collection
When I was a kid, I collected bouncy balls. To this day I still have that collection. I’m not really a crazy collector, in assuming I have millions and millions of bouncy balls, no I have a mini collection, a collection that can travel with me. Your probably wondering, why bouncy balls? Well each bouncy ball is different in it’s own special way. The color, the texture, the size, the imagery, and etc. Each one of these bouncy balls allow my imagination to roam free. I would pretend I have super bouncy ball powers. I would also see which ones bounced the highest and which ever one did was the ruler and king of bouncy balls. Some look like planets, one in particular kind looks like the sun. One also glows in the dark making it a ghostly bouncy ball. Oh how fun playing with my balls was back in the day. Does this bring back any memories of what you used to collect or still collect?

7 responses to “Bouncy Collection

  1. I also used to collect bouncy balls–I had a nice big jar full of them. However, my 3-year-old nephew found my collection, and it has depleted significantly.

    • Awesome! A fellow bouncy ball collector! My little brother found my collection, I gave him one and then told him to start his own personal collection. Turns out he’s a puzzle collector, he loves doing puzzles.

  2. I was a bouncy ball collector as well! My favorite thing was to go grocery shopping with my mom just so that when we left I got to add another to my collection. I also frequently pictured them as they own planets. I think I liked them because not one bouncy ball was the same as another. Oh the nostalgia coming back to me now 🙂

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