Deprived Email

I agree with Levinson, depriving the president of email would be a bad idea. If government is unhappy with the thought of hacking, why don’t they up the security on the president’s email account. Better yet make an email server just for the president, and then have the server somehow send an email to everyone testing world disaster situations. How will the people not in front of a television know about disasters? Isn’t it about time someone had a big red button to push to unleash a vast amount of emails. To this day and age, people get email on their phones and are connected through Facebook, Twitter and so on. Sure it may be a bad idea for someone as powerful as the president to have an email. Or should I say it would be a bad idea for someone to send important, secure, and world threatening information over email. That would be a bad idea!

3 responses to “Deprived Email

  1. I think Obama’s security team was particularly worried about the GPS device in Obama’s Blackberry–gave away his location!

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