Apple Tree

A brisk red apple drips.  Smile at the lips.  One bite.  One site.  Seedless glory!  Oh what a story!  An apple tree drips many smiles.  Carving names on every skin.  Unseen for many miles.  Carving away as we spin.  Leaving nothing but the wind.

I wanted to test out some metaphoric poetry, I like to rhyme and painting a picture with words.  Their could be many means behind each phrase.  “A brisk red apple drips” could mean the apple is crying.  Probably because it has to get eaten, or it could be tears of joy “finally someone wants to eat me!”  This poem can be viewed differently in many different eyes.  If we were to compare online poetry and written poetry.  Online poetry grabs more viewers.  Written poetry seems more personal.  Online poetry doesn’t need sunlight to be viewed.  Written poetry needs some sort of light to be seen.  It’s like what Paul Levinson states in “Chapter 2” pg 55 in his book New New Media:

 “The world grows dark every night but never really silent, and our eyes close but not our ears.”

What ever happened to the old forms of communication? I can vaguely remember ever getting a letter in the mail from anyone. Has new new media spoiled us? What ever happened to the love notes, poems, letters? Has all that changed, is texting the new form of asking someone out? I personally think it’s slowly being diminished. What do you think?

One response to “Apple Tree

  1. After watching you rap, I can hear / see in my mind you performing your opening lines. : )

    Can you untangle that last paragraph a bit for me. Old media is cheap . . . ? If by old media you mean books, sure, they are inexpensive to purchase but somewhat expensive to produce. TV shows, more expensive to produce. Films–through the roof (in some cases). New new media tends not to have the same production costs, although certainly some expenses.

    And non one is suggesting old media will go away completely, are they? Levinson seems to be talking about the ways in which new new media have enlivened television. I heard a game designer from EA sports talk about how they are starting to learn to enliven console gaming with social media. So I think the relationship is complex; can you tease it apart further?


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