Google+ Fascination

I have had experience with Google+ for quite some time now.  I enjoy using the “hangout” feature talking with friends.  The great thing about using the “hangout” feature is that it enables you to share.  Google+ has two hangout options, you can hangout using the simplified version or “hangout with extras” option.  Hangout with extras is a preview to new features like, sharing screen, sharing notes and even sharing a sketchpad.  It can be found after clicking “start a hangout” skim down where it says “try Hangouts with extras to preview new features.”  Sharing screen, shares your screen with people in your hangout.  Sharing notes, shares writing capabilities allowing two people to type up a paper.  Sharing sketchpad, shares the ability to draw diagrams, or even play Pictionary with friends.

Google+ to me seems to be a combination between Facebook and Skype.  Facebook has a profile, photos and posts to share with “friends.”  Skype has the visual capability to communicate with one person at a time.  Google+ allows you to name your circle and you can add friends, family, classmates, EC457, you could really make the circle anything you find relevant to the people your adding.  Also Google+ allows you to communicate visually with more than one person at a time.  I actually think I’ve been in a hangout with up to seven people in it before it decided to cancel out the hangout.  I would recommend using Google+ more often, its great to use especially when its freezing outside.  I’m no pro, when it come to using Google+ , but I have played around with it enough times I know the basics.  Starting a hangout is the most common thing I do, almost daily.


Taking Apart

Have you ever found yourself taking word apart?  Have you played with words in a sentence by ignoring the first and last letter of a word?  I have caught myself doing this more frequently lately.  For instance the words “Taking Apart” I take it apart by seeing it as “Ackin Par.”  This changes the meaning of the sentence completely, instead of leaving a definite meaning, taking something apart, we are left with a more open ended phrase.  To some it could be an ache to get par in golf.  Or Acting Par, a golfer acting like they got a par.  It could also be seen as a name Atkin Par.  I mean your probably wondering how would this work with a two letter word, like is?  I would say pick either or which sounds better?  I thinking taking apart words and sentences brings forth a different meaning.

“Today is a nice day.”  Lets take this apart.  “Oda s a ic a” sounds like a different language.  I got the phrase “Oh dang, sticker” out of that, how about  you?   There are other ways to taking a word or phrase apart, you could ignore the first two letters and last two letters I mean there are unlimited ways a person can take a word or phrase apart.  “Social Media including Facebook and Twitter benefits us all.”  “Ci d cludi cebo n itt nefi u l.”  “Steam goody example and its nifty, y’all.”  I know it’s a bit confusing to grasp, and I apologize if your head hurts. I’m just imagining different or even hidden sayings in sentences.

A lot of what we say comes from the meaning of another word or language.  Latin “anni, annu, enni” mean yearly.  So I understand the words annual and anniversary contemplating with yearly.  What if there are other hidden meanings?  What if we all started speaking a whole other language possibly forgotten?  Share your thoughts?

I hope I got my point across.


The thought of Twitter’s logo of a bird gets me thinking of a younger age when I was getting taught animal sounds.  I believe, if I remember correctly, the bird makes a “tweet, tweet” sound.  I think the bird logo for Twitter suits it just right.

On another note, I have found Twitter to be useful for some and pointless for others.  Not all people think alike, in order to get everyone to like one thing we would have to be programmed like robots, luckily that’s not the case.  Twitter for me, an artist, can be quite helpful.  Instead of traveling around getting people’s reactions for my art, I can just link it using Twitter.  I mean sure I could also link it to Facebook, my blog and any other social media, but in true essence I’m trying to get as many viewers as possible.  Twitter has millions of followers, and some out of those millions, I’m sure, don’t have Facebook accounts they go on as often.  It seems to me Twitter is like a pool of conversations, ideas, thoughts and news.  A new Twitter user now has the opportunity to dive in.  So Twitter can be useful to some and pointless to others.

Some pointless aspects of Twitter include people posting what they are doing, like “eating a pizza.”  I don’t know if anyone really cares, and yet again I don’t know the whole story behind someone else’s tweet.  Eating a pizza may be an invitation to some followers or friends, like a cool friendship code.  “Brushing my teeth” could be code for something else like “kiss me!”  Haha that’s a cool way of thinking!

Blog about a Blog about a Blog

My brain is at a stand still.  Frozen with fear.  I wish you could hear.  The crackling shiver brain kill.  Eyes wide open.  Hands still type.  I stand hopin.  This one time I was ripe.  Ready to write.

Blogging about a blog, that blogs about another blog that blogs another blog and so on so forth, gets to be a bit confusing.  My brain is blocking my ability to write.  Personal conflict has taken it’s course with my head….It feels like a dragon is eating my brain.  Whenever I try and fight it I get severely burned.  What if I were to enhance myself into having armor?  Instead of thinking reverse thoughts  I will attempt to retrieve my soon obsolete brain.

Blogging takes up most of my brain when thinking of what to write.  In order for me to tackle this “dragon” I need to prepare myself and improve my knowledge about blogging, by reading others blogs, becoming inspired.  Sure I have my doubts about blogging, I’m new at this after all and hardly know what I’m doing half the time.  I am trying to strive and achieve change by learning from experimenting each day.  I’m more of a tactile, hands on, learner.  I try and juggle all these social media elements, hopefully I don’t drop the ball.  I’m trying really hard to stay up to date and not fall behind learning about blogging and social media elements.

I hope all of my analogies make sense.  If you need me to clarify anything I am more than willing to explain my thought process.  In a sense inviting you into my imagination.

Facebook: Friends’ Happy Pictures Make You Sad? – Yahoo! News

The more time students spent on Facebook, the more they thought others had it better than they did.

via Facebook: Friends’ Happy Pictures Make You Sad? – Yahoo! News.

I agree with this article talking about Facebook making people unhappy.  The more I spent on Facebook, the more I compared my life to other people.  Now days I hardly go on Facebook.  When I do go on it is to inform people of my life.  Keeping them up to date.  There’s a reason why they are your friend, they are interested in your life.  Whether you barely know them, it sure can make you feel good to know people care, even if its a little.

Bouncy Collection

Bouncy Ball Collection
When I was a kid, I collected bouncy balls. To this day I still have that collection. I’m not really a crazy collector, in assuming I have millions and millions of bouncy balls, no I have a mini collection, a collection that can travel with me. Your probably wondering, why bouncy balls? Well each bouncy ball is different in it’s own special way. The color, the texture, the size, the imagery, and etc. Each one of these bouncy balls allow my imagination to roam free. I would pretend I have super bouncy ball powers. I would also see which ones bounced the highest and which ever one did was the ruler and king of bouncy balls. Some look like planets, one in particular kind looks like the sun. One also glows in the dark making it a ghostly bouncy ball. Oh how fun playing with my balls was back in the day. Does this bring back any memories of what you used to collect or still collect?

Deprived Email

I agree with Levinson, depriving the president of email would be a bad idea. If government is unhappy with the thought of hacking, why don’t they up the security on the president’s email account. Better yet make an email server just for the president, and then have the server somehow send an email to everyone testing world disaster situations. How will the people not in front of a television know about disasters? Isn’t it about time someone had a big red button to push to unleash a vast amount of emails. To this day and age, people get email on their phones and are connected through Facebook, Twitter and so on. Sure it may be a bad idea for someone as powerful as the president to have an email. Or should I say it would be a bad idea for someone to send important, secure, and world threatening information over email. That would be a bad idea!